Wow, We're up to the drawings that are of my own creation. These are characters that would be in my own manga series. It already has a name, Fairy Princess Destiny, and a bit of the storyline has already been written down. I should work on it more often, really, tho.

SD Pic
03-31-2003: SD Pic #5. Fifth SD Pic. FPD grabs a shovel...

SD Pic
03-30-2003: SD Pic #4. Fourth SD Pic. Cool lil comic.

SD Pic
03-29-2003: SD Pic #3. My third SD Pic. If you look at this pic, then nothing else needs to be said...

SD Pic
03-29-2003: SD Pic #2. My second SD Pic. Shovel + Metalfan = a VERY amused Mia! :D

SD Pic
03-29-2003: SD Pic #1. My first SD pic. Mia [queen of the fairies] beating up my RF friend, Metalfan. ^_^()

Ceremonial Robe
01-01-2003: Cestiny's Ceremonial Robe. Well, this is a first sketch of what could become Destiny's ceremonial robe, if I decide to have her in it for any reason. I drew her kinda sloppy, and this is still only a first draft! I also practiced my hair floating trick in this pic. Anyways, the robe is purple guaze, and there's a silver dress underneath. I drew the hands see through and not fully done because this was for the robe, not her. Nice, ne?

The Fairies
10-01-2002: The Fairies. This is a first sketch for a lot of the fairies. I may make changes later on, but this is a starting point. It's a light pic. Look closely!

09-30-2002: NOOOOoooooo. Just a manga page that says NOOOOO. Comes right after FPD Sad.

09-26-2002<->09-30-2002: FPD Sad. This took a few days to do, cause after drawing FPD, I decided to add the 4 boxes with more stuff. So it now looks like a manga page. SPOILER! :X

Ring of Destiny
08-12-2002: Ring Of Destiny. This is Mia's Ring. This is based off the ring my bf gave me, and I wear right now... :X

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