This page has my drawings that were for a fanfic I was writing. The fanfic isn't finished, so it's not gonna be posted, but maybe one day... Anyways, the fanfic is based on BSSM, so many of the characters are Senshi. They are based on BSSM characters to a point, before I changed a few things to make them more mine. ^_^

Venus Star
05-11-2001: Eternal Sailor Venus Star. Another 6 months between drawings! She is a fanfic character, and the MAIN character of the fanfic. Daughter of Sailor Venus and Kunzite. Ok, now my explanation of what is happening here, since you can't just read the fanfic and find out. Here it goes: Megami (Sailor V Star) was attacked by some Shadow Demons. She tried to transform (after many times before not being able to) and failed again. The Shadow Demons engulfed her to combine her power with thiers. While floating in the darkness that was the Shadow Demons, she started crying and asking her mother what she had done wrong, why she couldn't transform. When she asked for her mother's strength, the Venus Crystal appeared out of her chest. She grabbed on to the crystal and transformed, blowing away the shadow demons, as seen here. No more spoilers now! :X

06-07-2000: Kurana. I made up for my lack of drawing skill in Eternal Sailor Moon in this pic. Drawn on the same day, tho Eternal Sailor Moon SUCKED! *clears throat* ... Another character for my fanfic. She is Sailor Black Star, who's an evil Villian MUAHAHAHA! Because it's drawn in pencil, and darkened in such, it's smears VERY easily. It's smeared in this scan, too. Another one I have to be careful with. It's also the last drawing I drew during my Junior year, and I didn't draw for another 6 months after this.

Light Star
??-??-2001: Sailor Light Star. This I drew when I was forced to go to my step grandparents house for some dinner, I think. I drew the girl, and then I saw a stuffed animal monkey sitting on a chair, and decided to try to draw that too. On the back of this drawings (not shown), I drew how I used to draw, and then used this as a reference on how I draw nowadays. The pic I didn't scan was of a princess. It's just an X with a head at the top and feet at the bottom. Me and my Princess Toadstool drawings... Oh yeah, this is once again one of my fanfic characters. Sailor Light Star is another senshi of an elemental quality. ^_^

??-??-2000: Sailor Andromeda. From the fanfic I was making. She is one of the MANY Constellation Senshi I was creating. The only one I actually drew, too. Heh, with all these fanfic characters being shown, don't you wish I was done with the fanfic and had it posted up for all to read? Ok, I guess you would only if you're a Sailor Moon Otaku.

Mercury Star
09-15-1999: Mercury Star. I drew this for my title page in my Junior year's English class. It's another fanfic character! Sailor Mercury Star, the daughter of Sailor Mercury and Zoicite... :X

Dead Star
??-??-1999: Sailor Dead Star. Another fanfic character. Good friend of Sailor Saturn and Sailor Saturn Star. She used to be Death Star, but since that's kinda close to Star Wars, I am changing it to Dead Star. ^_^

??-??-1999: Chryso. This is another character for the fanfic. This pic still looks nice to me. Gotta be careful with it, though, because the dress smears because I used a pencil to color it black.

Sailor Mercury Star
??-??-1999: Sailor Blue Star. A character for the fanfic I was writing. Later I changed her name to "Sailor Mercury Star." It looks nice, if you don't pay attention to how big her head is compared to the rest of her...