Well, this page has my drawings that are based either partly or fully on a manga picture. They will be in order of when drawn. Well, as close as I can get it. Later on, as I finish updating my site, I'll add a link to the original pic if there is one. ^_^

Princess Serenity
05-13-2003: Princess Serenity. Well, I needed to draw something for a teenager who was learning to draw... She drew Princess Serenity, then I drew Princess Serenity. She really liked my version. Mine basically shows her how to draw her, I think. LoL.

12-06-2002: Ceres. This drawing is quite cool. This is my first try at drawing a character from the series Ayashi no Ceres. I haven't read the manga or seen the anime, but I do hear good things about it! This character is Ceres, who is a goddess. There is more to the original pic, but I didn't want to bother with the rest at this time. WARNING! There is a bit of nudity in this pic. It is ART! If a woman's breast offends u, dont look at this picture. Thank You!
12-03-2002: This is how far I got on Day 1.
12-04-2002: My drawing after Day 2.

06-07-2000: This Sucks!. Ok, I guess you can tell that I HATE this drawing. I don't remember if I based this off a pic or drew it by memory. But either way, I think it sucks! It's supposed to be Eternal Sailor Moon. Gosh, if Naoko (Creator of BSSM) saw this drawing, she'd kill me for murderously destroying Eternal Sailor Moon with this drawing! *cries* I'M SORRY NAOKO!

06-06-2000: Ami-chan. Based off page 49 of BSSM Manga 1. Drew right after getting Manga 1 in the mail. By this time, I had 3 japanese BSSM Mangas, no English BSSM Mangas. Today, I have 3 japanese BSSM Mangas, and 6 English Mangas. So this is from the last japanese manga I got. This pic isn't as good as some of my others, but it's nice, I guess...

Kaguya Hime?
05-20-2000: Princess Kaguya. Based on page 126 of BSSM "Lover Of Princess Kaguya" Manga. I drew this right after getting that manga from a japanese exchange student. It's good looking, but it's another one of those pics I want to correct. I guess I'm like that with all my pics.

02-15-2000: Usagi. Based off page 192 of BSSM Manga 2. This is considered one of my best pictures! Even now! I keep it in a seperate folder so it doesn't get smeared or crumpled like the rest of my pics. I just wish I could correct her head and where her hair comes out of her odangos without messing up the picture. But it's pretty the way it is, so what if those sections make me cry. :'( I'll get over it. Maybe...

01-06-2000: Surprised. I must have been bored that winter vacation. I almost always have drawn my pics while in a class. A boring class. Anyways, this is Sailor Moon, looking surprised. It's when Luna shows up with the Moon Wand and tells her something, I think about being leader or about the wand. Based off a pic on page 4 in BSSM Manga 2.

01-05-2000: General Kunzite. My second real attempt at drawing a male chracter. Based on page 160 of BSSM Manga 2. I wrote the japanese before I had even thought of taking japanese as a language. So it's not as good as I write it now. Don't ask me what it says, I haven't translated it yet...

12-12-1999: Mamoru. The first time I actually tried to draw a guy. The one in My Only Love is just a quick try. Based off a pic in BSSM Manga 2, page 15 I believe. I think this one is still pretty good!

Chibi Chibi
??-??-2000: Chibi Chibi!. I drew this pic in metal shop my senior year on the back of a sheet I wrote about Mig/GMAW welding and the sheet metal break. It was about safety. Had to say it in front of the class. Too many guys, me the only girl. *nightmares* Oh, oops, I rambled. This is supposed to be Chibi Chibi when she's a lil older. ^_^()

??-??-1999: Luna. Just Luna's head. I think this pic is based off a pic of luna talking or screaming, in manga #1 or #2. Not sure though.

??-??-1999: Sailor Neptune. A pic I thought was good when I drew it. It's based on a pic that has all the Sailor Senshi, with a lot of red flowers.