Here you will find anime/manga related sites. Check them out Otaku!

A Sailor Moon Romance: Another great site! They have a lot of fanfics and other things. Very prettyful site, too!

Anime Genesis: This anime site has A LOT! Has game reviews, a gallery, stuff for your desktop, fan art, fanfic, anime hotbars, postcards, shopping, discussion, links, and any info u want!

Anime Lyrics: This site has a HUGE colelction of lyrics to anime songs, in Japanese and English! Maybe other languages. And there's translations for the japanese songs!

Anime Mixup: Not too bad a site. The main reason I go to this site is for the wallpapers. And the fanfics, too. Not too shabby.

Anime Looking for a great wallpaper for your desktop? And you want an Anime styled one? Then go here! GREAT WALLPAPERS! And plenty, too! You'll find something you like, guaranteed!

Anything Anime: The Mailing List: This site goes along with a mailing list of the same name. Reviews, eyecandy, and other goodies! A well done site.

Bianca's Sailor Moon Gallery: Has one of the best galleries I've seen. BUT, unfortunately, her host kicked her, so she has to look for a new host! I'll update this description when the site is back up.

Evirglass Gardens: Another well done BSSM site. Has stories, previews, links, and a few other things. This is one of the largest colelctions of fanfics I've seen yet! They have fanfics on ANYTHING you want! Any Anime! And even stuff that isn't from anime. You can even post ur own writing that has nothing to do with any topic, just an original work. I read most of my fanfics here. ^_^

Miaka And Do you like Fushigi Yuugi? Well, then visit this site! A lot of stuff! Stories, galleries, info, and much much more!

Moonlight Rose: A BSSM Site. Has info, stories, art galleries, fanfiction, and song lyrics.

Princess Of Mars: A site dedicated to Hino Rei [aka Sailor Mars]. Has info, gallery, wallpapers, calendars, and a few other things.

Princess Very nice site! It's a Sailor Moon site, with pictures and fanfics and info! Site looks great.

Strands Of Moonlight: This is The Yarnspinner's site. Him and his wife write BSSM and Inuyasha fanfiction. Yarnspinner is in the process of writing one of the best fics I've read, That Special Magic. If you love reading fanfics, check this site out! ^_^

The Oracle: BSSM Encyclopedia: Has a very intesive in-the-works encyclopedia. Has info about any character that has EVER appeared on Sailor Moon, English dub or japanese! Very Good Job Pixie! Owner of the mailing list Strawberry Kisses. Great ML.

Usagi And Great Site! Lots of info, great pics, and even more!

Have an Anime site you want me to have put in here? Email me the site address and a description, and I'll add it in! ^_^