Well, this is where I put the sites that are by my friends. Some may already be in another group, but I'll put them here anyways. Just check them out, k?

Animator's Page: Animator is one of my friends that are still in SoC. See, I do still have friends in [SoC]. ^_^ *feels all warm and fuzzy inside* *finds out her hand is in a torn up teddy bear* opps....

Anthony's Car Site: This is my boyfriend's site, mostly about cars and race events we go to. I'm the main webmaster of his site, tho. He's just in charge of the content, I'm the one putting it up. :D

Blade's Page: This is my mate Scotts new webpage. It has all your internet needs for programs and stuff and also has a Red Faction gaming site on it. Worth a look!

Escaflowne's Site: This is my friend Escaflowne's site. I taught him the basics of making a site, and he follows in my footsteps! He'll continue building his skills as he goes. He's also a map maker for Red Faction!

John LaPorta's Page: John is a friend of mine from RF. He was my brother's clan leader, I think. And then I met him in RF, and we started talking on AIM. So here's his personal site. ^_^

Metalfan's Page: Metalfan is my best online friend. I talk to him EVERYDAY! Well, this is his site, which isn't much. His site has his laser mod and rapid laser. He's pretty good at making web graphics, too...

Shadow Corps: This is my Red Faction Clan's site. Another site I'm webmaster of. >^..^< *howls*

Are you a friend, and you think I should put your site up in this section? Then Email me the site address and a description, and I'll add it in! ^_^