Well, this is where my fav sites that have anything pertaining to games goes. Check them out, you never know what you may find!

{2} DaRk(S)nIpEr's Site: DarkSniper is one of those snipers that I love to go against. So here is his site. Has Downloads, Links, Screenshots, and even Mods it looks like. Check out his site!

[SoC] Blades Homepage: Blade has joined and left SoC plenty of times, and he's back in it. At his site, he keeps all the programs he makes for all of us to DL. Huds too! Red Faction.

7 Deadly Sims: This site is for the game The Sims. They have some great addons! Many objects and skins! Check it out SimFanatics!

AGClan Page: This site has stuff about gaming, and even Anime! ^_^ Thats always a plus in my book! Check them out, you might find something useful. :P

CorpsesINC: This site is for many mulitplayer online games. They have a lot of stuff here. Check 'em out!

Crude-Extreme: This is the main site I DL Red Faction maps from. If I need a map, I check here first!

Extreme Gamers Online: This site has info on quite a few games. They even have demos! Check them out. ^_^

Game Lair.net: This is a site that has many clans in different games. Check this site out.

Levels4You: Another site to find Red Faction, and other games, maps. They have a forum, which I found out about when I heard that there was a topic that had some bashing of ME! *glares* But I got that resolved. ^_^

Mall Of The Sims: Mall of the Sims is one of the BIGGEST site's I've seen so far that offers addons to The Sims. They have soo much, I ahve yet to get everything I want from there! Great site!

Red Faction's Squadrons Of Chaos: Need info on the clan SoC? Wanna join them? Wanna see the site and just laugh? Well, no matter what reason you have, this is the site to go to! It's not much, but it works. Check them out, if you want.

Shadow Corps: This is the page for the clan Shadow Corps. Wolf and Fox!!! YAY! *huggles Wolfie and Fox* My clan :D

The Sims Plus: Has quite a few things, including patches and a file that helps retrieve serial numbers? I dont have that file, so I dont know wut it does. Cheats, Skins, Objects, many thing! LoL, check this site out all you Sims! ^_^

The Sims Resource: The Sims Resource has a whole bunch of things! Skin, Objects, new faces... If you want some new stuff for the Sims, check this place out, you may find everything you'll ever need!

The Well Dressed Sim: This is one of those Sims sites that I go to all the time! They get new stuff all the time, and the clothing and faces are FABULOUS! A MUST SEE for you Sims!

X Clan Gaming: This site isn't very done yet, but it's where the >X< clan will be operating from.

Have a game site you want me to have put in here? Email me the site address and a description, and I'll add it in! ^_^