Here you will find sites that had no where else to go. Check them out!

Altscape: Has some great wallpapers! Very Very cool!

Breeze Graphics: Free Website Graphics! Also has other graphics for ur needs, like wallpapers! ^_^

Collective Designs: Great web designs. And also has Anime screenshots.

Cookie's Graphic Shop: Free website graphics. Very Very cool.

Day Dream Graphics: Many Graphics, and even tutorials on how to make layouts and such! Very good site!

DHTML Guru: Teahces DHTML and such.

Fantasy Heaven: Beautiful fantasy pics. If only I were so talented...

Free Graphics: More free graphics for your webpages, lol.

Graphics Are Us: More free graphics, lol.

Hot Has scripts, and I think teaches you scripts too.

HTML Goodies: Teaches how to write html and all that fun stuff.

Neopets!: My cool level just went down about 50 points, right? Yeah, I love neopets! They are fun!! Hell, my pets are starving! But they don't die!!! DIE DAMNIT! *looks around* anyways...

Page Resource: Teaches HTML for all us HTML Dummies.

StarDove's Wicca: Has a few fantasy pics, and a lot of info for wiccans. Dont flame me for having this site in here. >..<

Visions: Has wallpapers. Anime related.

Have a site you want me to have put in here or another section? Email me the site address and a description, and I'll add it in! ^_^