Well, this is where my fav sites that have anything pertaining to music goes. Check them out, you never know what you may find!

Bass Tab Archive: This site has a very extensive collection of bass tablature. It's not complete, but it's quite close.

Ibanez: This site is Ibanez's site, where you can get info on guitars they sell, and shit. I love Ibanez guitars.

Metallica: I go here mainly to find out about tour dates for the Sanitarium tour, now. But there is a lot more info here! If you like Metallica, then check the site out, if you haven't already.

Musician's Friend: This is where I go for just about all my musical needs! I bought my guitar and amp from this site recently. I buy strings, metronomes, tuners, and straps here, too. Anything I need, I get here. Except for Clarinet reeds, they don't carry... Wait, they do have reeds! Gosh, they have everything! YAY!

On-Line Guitar Archive: This is a HUGE archive of Guitar tabs! Always check here first!

OzzFest: The biggest and baddest concert you can go to every summer! OZZFEST! I went to ozzfest 2002 and 2003, and I can't wait to go to Ozzfest 2004. When tickets go on sale, I'm buying about 5 tickets! O.O

t.A.T.u.: This band is great! Most famous song of theirs right now is "All The Things She Said," which is an awesome song. They are Russian, and the music is highly euro! Who says a rocker can't like euro?

t.A.T.u. Lyrics: Lyrics to songs by t.A.T.u., even translated from Russian, and the russians songs translated from cyrillic lettering to english lettering so we can sing along and not know wut we're saying. LoL!

Ticket Master: Needs tickets to some kind of event? This is where I buy my Ozzfest tickets! OZZY OZZY OZZY!!!

Have a Music site you want me to have put in here? Email me the site address and a description, and I'll add it in! ^_^