Last Updated: September 01, 2004

Hey, What's up? Welcome to my site! Sheesh, after a month of my webhost dying, I've given up on them and gotten a new host! I changed domains >..< Maybe when is open again, I'll buy it and have both that and this, This domain is in my name tho, so it's not going anywhere now ^_^;; Anyways, Check out my site! You can find out about me, see my drawings, check out the screenshots I've taken from a few games I play, check out my lyrics pages, or get your degree! ... o.O; Wait, you can't get that here, sorry...

Check out my RF clan's site I have been working on!
Shadow Corps
And I'm HOOKED on FFXI! So, check out my character's Diary!! It's quite cool! Just check it out!!!!!
Mia's Vanadiel Diary
Also, I just got done building a site for my FFXI Linkshell! We're called the BloodWolves and we operate on the Asura server ^^

After much consideration, I've decided to redo most of my site! It's still in the planning stages, tho. It might be a month or so longer until I can actually have it ready for the world to see. But, it will have a new layout and look! It will also have some new content. And sections that haven't been done will be done! I have the initial planning of the site laid out HERE. Go through it, and give me ur comments or suggestions in the Site Suggestions section of my forums! If you don't want to sign up at the forums, thats ok! Just log in using the Guest name, password Guest. But, those that are signed up at the forums will be getting a notification of when the site is updated majorly or something. Like this update I'm planning lol. Anyways, I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Hope you all enjoy the site! This one and the one in planning! ^_^;;

NOTE! I recently changed to a new service for my guestbook, on January 20, 2004. If you haven't already, SIGN THE NEW ONE! Sorry! I didn't put the old ones in, cause they were all lost with the webhost. Well, hope you all sign it again! ^_^;;

This site may contain material not suitable for children under the age of 13, or children who lead very sheltered lives. If you have a tendency to be "offended" by material in PG-13, maybe even R movies, then please leave now and act like you never saw this site. This site is not meant to offend, but it happens... For the rest of you, continue on with your way! ^_^ And remember, SMILE!