These are AOL Mailing Lists that I'm a member of. Sorry 'net people, but these mostly send out to AOL cause aol supports the graphics and all that without html. Some might be for the net tho. I'll have a note saying if it's for net people too.

Graphics and graphics.
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Enzeru Sakeme
Anime Journal Icons, AIM Icons, freebies, wallpapers, and more.
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A graphic mailing list.
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Kuuki To Hoshi
Daily mailing list that sends out graphics, wallpapers, winamp skins, pictures, etc.
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Millenium Version
Chobits graphics.
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Moon Fonts
Font mailing list.
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Serena's Rose Crystal Graphic ML
Sailor Moon and misc Anime graphics.
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Shifting Temperament
Random anime graphics.
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Spiritual Beauty
A random wallpaper mailing list.
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The Anime Graphic Collection
Anime graphic mailing list.
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A graphic mailing list.
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