These are AOL Mailing Lists that I'm a member of. Sorry 'net people, but these mostly send out to AOL cause aol supports the graphics and all that without html. Some might be for the net tho. I'll have a note saying if it's for net people too.

Abnormal Emotions
Gothic morbid CG pics.
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Beyond Mysterious
A mailing list that features mythical creatures, ghosts, haunted houses, myths, and phenomenal stuff.
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Elemental Beauty
A fanfiction mailing list.
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Le Monde Des Reves
A world of dreams and fantasy.
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World Wide Wiccan
A mailing list that features prayers, chants, shopping lists [herbs] candle magick, and much more!
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Blood Mailing List
-+-Red Drops fall on my waiting, greedy lips -+-
Bloody Seasons: Summer - Spring - Autumn - Winter

All These lists have different topics. Most are random picture lists. But you won't really know wut they are till you join! LoL!