These are AOL Mailing Lists that I'm a member of. Sorry 'net people, but these mostly send out to AOL cause aol supports the graphics and all that without html. Some might be for the net tho. I'll have a note saying if it's for net people too.

A Thorned Touch
Anime pics mailing list.
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Angelic Moonlight Wonderland
Anime multimedia mailing list.
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Anime Anarchy
An anything Anime/Manga mailing list.
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Anime Out Burst
Random Anime mailing list. MP3s and Pictures. Hentai friendly.
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Daily picture mailing list with a monthly theme.
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Black Scarlet
Random Anime and MP3 mailing list.
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Crystalline Sky
Anime/Manga pic mailing list. Sends many pics.
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Faint Breeze
A mailing list that sends out random CLAMP pics every week, plus other goodies.
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Final Love
Final Fansty mailing that that features couples, pics, multimedia, and fanfics.
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Green Tea Manga Mochi
Sends out full issues of comics and manga.
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Daily CG pics, 4 or more a day. Somtimes has explicit content.
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Final Fantasy CG pics daily.
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Misc. stuff.
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Moonlight Moments
Anything Anime. What else can I say.
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Video Game and Anime. What else is there?
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My Lil' Baka Gallery
Random Anime/Mnga pics and files.
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Scans from Ribon magazine.
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Otaku Madness
Four years and still insame anime. Features downloads adn general madness.
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Point Of No Improvement
Misc. Anime/Manga mailing list.
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Sakura Blossoms
An Anime and Mangamailing sent daily/weekly.
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Shattered Silence
Radnom Anime pic mailing list.
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Smile, Smile
Anime reviews and clips.
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Sparkling Rain
Random Anime/Manga sendings. Sends at various times of the week with random J-Pop.
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Various Anime/Manga pics.
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Tokyo's Anime Teahouse
A well rounded mailing list with news, games, pics, episodes, and much more!
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Twisted Reality
Anime/videogame mailing list.
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Random Anime file sendings.
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