These are AOL Mailing Lists that I'm a member of. Sorry 'net people, but these mostly send out to AOL cause aol supports the graphics and all that without html. Some might be for the net tho. I'll have a note saying if it's for net people too.

Ai Tenshi
Wedding Peach mailing list.
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Angel Wings
Dragon Ball Z mailing list.
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Bad Meets Evil
Oh My Goddess mailing list.
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Cowboy Bebop mailing list. Sends pics, MP3s, fanart, and has member interaction.
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Crescent Dragon
Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon mailing list. Lots o goodies and member interaction.
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Crystal Senshi Elements
Sailor Moon mailing list.
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Dragon Days Of Destiny
Dragon Ball Z mailing list.
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Forbidden Love
Daily manga pics from X. Part of Manga Kisses mailing list ring.
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Fushigi Ai
Daily Fushigi Yuugi manga pics. Part of Manga Kisses mailing list ring.
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Happy Hippo Headquarters
A Blue Seed mailing list. Pics, etc...
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Heart Moving
A Sailor Moon picture mailing list.
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Hogosha Neko Temple
A temple ML that sends out pics of the kitties of BSSM.
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BSSM pics mailing list.
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Jaded Emotions
Revolutionary Girl Utena mailing list. Pics and MP3s.
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Lively Motion
Saber Marionette mailing list.
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Megami Goddess
Gundam Wing mailing list.
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Mixed Identities
Final Fantasy 7 image mailing list.
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A mailing list dedicated all to Ranma 1/2
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Peach Petals
A Wedding Peach mailing list.
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Persocon Chii
Anything and everything Chobits!
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Daily manga Card Captor Sakura pic mailing list.
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Project Chobits
A Chobits mailing list.
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Samurai Training
Rurouni Kenshin mailing list. This ML is now done from the net, so net people can be in it! YAY!
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Skin Deep
A Gals mailing list.
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Strawberry Kisses
Daily Sailor Moon manga pics. Part of Manga Kisses mailing list ring.
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A Final Fantasy mailing list.
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Utena's Rose
Revolutionary Girl Utena pic mailing list.
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Wings Magic
Oh My Goddess and Slayers mailing list. pics, quotes, etc...
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Zettai Daihoubu
Daily Slayers pic mailing list.
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