This is where I put those drawings that didn't quite fit anywhere else. Very few fit in this category at this time. Enjoy my last few drawings.

04-15-2003: Pocahontas. I was babysitting, and the lil girl I babysit LOVES Disney. Well, we were reading a Pocahontas book, and I saw this picture, and decided to draw it. I was MAJORLY bored. It came out ok, tho. ^_^() I still hate Disney.

??-??-1999: Marvin. I drew this for the guy I was going out with. This is his favorite chracter. Yes, it's the one and only, Marvin The Martian. It looks fine to me. And the guy liked it too. I actually had 2 of this pic, one colored and one not. The colored went to the guy.

??-??-1999: Sorceress Venus. She is just a drawing I did having Sailor Venus as a sorceress. Not really Sailor Venus, though. Just based on her a lil. And she's COLORED! That's rare indeed!