Well, I must say it has taken me a while to get this far into my site. And this is the part of the site that most people wanted to have up! What is your fascination with seeing what I look like? Arcneth wants to see my legs, Metalfan likes seeing me for who knows what reason, and a whole bunch of other people on Red Faction have been wanting to see what I look like. So here ya go, the Photo Album! I sorted my pics so you can easily find what you want to see.

Childhood pictures are pictures that were taken of me as a baby or child. You can see how cute of a baby I was!! ^_^

Teenage Years has pictures of me as a teenager. School pics, pictures from dances, prom, and graduation make up the bulk of this album.

Adulthood are pictures that were taken after I graduated. My more recent photos are gonna be in here, cause I don't get any younger, right? yeah...

Family has pictures taken of or with my family. Like you really want to see them, right? Let's move on.

Friends has, obviously, pics of my friends! Arcneth, this is where you can find those grad pics with me and my friends. LOL, the reason I'm called legs is in this album. *clears throat*

Weather are pictures of the sky from where I'm at. Mostly clouds and sunsets and storms. Has some pretty good pics of funnel clouds, too! I'll work on taking pics of lightning, lol.

Other is where I put the pics that didn't fit anything else. Very weird stuff are within this album. You can see my projects from Wood and Metal shop, food that I cook, cars, motorcycles, stuffed animals, my instruments, squirrels... yeah...

Well, I hope you enjoy my pics. And watch out, I have a digital camera now, and I take a LOT of pics! Enjoy... ARCNETH, STOP STARING!!!