This is where I will share various things from the PC game Red Faction. Most you will find are screenshots from Multiplayer mode for now.
For reference, The RF names used by me are: Kuro Ookami Mia, Dark Wolf Mia, Mia Wolf, [SoC] Silver Wolf, {SC} Demon Wolf, and Silver Wolf Mia. Names used by my brother are [BHE] DarkWolf, >X< DeadWolf~|S|, {SC} DarkWolf, and Mr.Hanky. My close friend Amy [aka. Terra] learned how to snipe from me and plays under the names Seek & Destroy and >X< DemonFox`|S|.

Well, as of mid December, I quit SoC. But it's not for any really bad reason. I guess I'll use this space here to explain why I left. First of all, my dad put a restriction on playing games online or on the computer. So I wasn't able to play while he was here. So I snuck on whenever I could, which wasn't very often. My job at Radioshack made it so I almost NEVER could get on the game. Then when I did get to go on, I was faced with bullsh*t from SoC members and non-members alike. So playing was becoming less fun for me. I also had just bought a guitar, so I decided to quit SoC so I wouldn't feel obligated to come online to play and feel like sh*t when people were complete jerks. I could use that time to learn guitar! And I have no regrets. I did miss SoC, but after some more BS that has come up, I'm now kinda glad I'm not in there anymore. I won't say anything more about it.

As of May, I joined {SC} after thinking hard about what clan to join. I built my computer in June and was online with it by the end of June. {SC} is a great clan, very laid back, and there is no power struggle. The leader lets the members choose who joins SC and other stuff. It's more of a democracy than a dictatorship, which is the way we like to have it run. And we want to keep the clan relatively small, so we have limited membership, and as of the time of this posting, we are not accepting anymore strays. LoL And as of August, Wolf and Fox have resigned from being leaders of {SC} and made Demonhunter, Me, and Metalfan the leaders. And we continue to run {SC} the way Wolf and Fox did.

Well, so far all I have are screenshots. Check them out. I even sorted them a bit for ya! ^_^
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Well, I've decided to make my own sort of Bio section for people I know and love/hate on Red Faction. Some will have just game bios, others will have both a game and real bio. And I do not make a bio page without the consent of the person who it's on. Except when it comes to my bro, hehe... If you want a bio page, email me with the questions from these bios, with ur answers, and a pic with a width no bigger than 450 pixels. I'll have it up as soon as I can. ^_^()
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